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About Beta Dog Training

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Beta Dog Training was born out of a desire to give dog owners the ability to lead the fullest life they can with their dog by their side.


We believe the best life a dog can live is not necessarily one where they avoid stressful situations their entire life, but one where they have been taught the tools needed to deal with everyday stresses and fears, allowing them to live their life out and about with you as much as possible. Walking around your neighbourhood, enjoying a sunny day, and doing new things are all parts of a normal everyday life and should hopefully be enjoyed by your dog as much as you.

At Beta Dog Training we simply support the concept of providing your dog with leadership, in whatever way best suits YOU and YOUR DOG specifically. If what fits you and your dog best is an all positive training method, wonderful! We can do that! If what suits you and your dog best is a method that happens to include corrections or aversives, we will accommodate that as well. This is called balanced training. Balanced training put simply, is the name for dog trainers willing to both reward and correct your dog for it’s behaviour. At Beta Dog Training we believe in holding dogs accountable for their actions by both correcting bad behaviour, and rewarding good behavior appropriately.

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Training should be fun, we don’t disagree! However it should also be effective, and when dealing with dangerous behaviours that have the potential to affect the safety of you or your family, we believe that the most efficient and effective training is necessary. When we evaluate dogs in a training assessment we believe it’s important to consider not just the dog, but it’s personality, your personality, and the effect training will have on both your lives. Dog training is not simply about training a dog, but about improving the quality of BOTH of your lives. We want you to enjoy being a dog owner to a happy, respectful dog. We also want your dog to enjoy having a fair and caring leader, that can do exciting things with you, and be trusted in public to make good choices.


We truly believe that dogs enjoy going out and experiencing life by our sides, and deeply wish every dog owner could experience that as much as they are able.

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