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Who We Are

Beta Dog Training is a professional dog training and boarding company serving the Edmonton area. Established in 2017, we continually endeavor to improve our business, our knowledge and exceed industry standards. We strive to create an environment focused on dogs, with effective training and enrichment based boarding. Beta Dog Training is veteran-owned and we enjoy being involved in our local community as well as supporting other Canadian businesses. With nearly 20 years of combined experience working in the security, law enforcement, and military worlds, we believe in setting standards, accomplishing goals, and working hard to get where you need to be.
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Steph Schreiber is a trainer and co-owner of Beta Dog Training. She believes dog training should be fun, uncomplicated, and effective. With an honest and passionate outlook, Steph works hard to answer owner questions, correctly identify and correct problem behaviours, and create lasting bonds between her clients and their dogs. She competes in Scent Detection, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Lure Coursing, and Trick work. When she’s not training, she enjoys being well caffeinated and surfing kijiji.
Allan Dixon is a trainer and co-owner of Beta Dog Training. He enjoys working with all dogs, and with a patient and consistent presence he is a specialist in training calm, respectful behaviours. Allan runs the majority of our boarding program, as well as training specialty dogs. He has experience training for public access tests, and volunteers his time to assist a service dog agency. Allan and Daphne are a certified Therapy Dog team through the Pet Therapy Society where Allan also volunteers as a testing assessor for new therapy teams. When he’s not training, he enjoys woodworking and wrangling Steph away from impulsive kijiji purchases.
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Logan is a trainer with Beta Dog Training. He's a specialist in breaking down problem behaviours, creating realistic solutions, and teaching owners how to better understand the dogs they live with. He continuously works to further his knowledge and has learned from trainers in both Canada and the US. Logan regularly volunteers his time to help with a local rescue, and volunteers with one of his personal dogs at the Pet Therapy Society. He has trained in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Scent Detection, Trick work, and has an extensive history working in behaviour modification.
Sienna is a trainer with Beta Dog Training. She works to bring out the best in dogs by building their confidence and encouraging them to grow. Sienna specializes in creating relationships with fearful dogs and helping them realize their potential. With a positive attitude and a desire to help owners see their dogs full potential, Sienna enjoys teaching owners how to build their relationships with their dogs effectively. She has started training in Obedience, Trick work and Tracking and will be dabbling in Scent work in the near future. When she's not training she can be found teaching her other passion, dance.
Maddie is a trainer with Beta Dog Training. She has an interest in working with reactivity and building strong relationships in her training. Maddie enjoys working with dogs that require confidence building, clarity, and patience. She works hard to break apart behaviours in a way the dog's she works with understand and can build from. While she has worked with horses in the past, she is currently working with her personal dog in obedience, and trick work. When she's not training, she can be found studying for her degree in Animal Science.
Storm is a trainer with Beta Dog Training. She came to us with multiple years of grooming experience and has an interest in working with reactivity and aggression. Storm enjoys working with dogs that are struggling with self-regulation and processing the world properly. She is working on attempting to steal one of Steph's working dogs and teaching him how to give the best cuddles. When she's not training she enjoys cleaning a truly irrational amount of things and hyper-focusing on a variety of topics.
Haley is the reason everything actually stays running at Beta Dog Training. She communicates with clients, creates content, schedules every part of the business, and plans for the future. Then once she finishes all that, she jumps in and helps with the dogs whenever needed. She has started training in Obedience, Trick work, Scent Detection and Dock Diving. When she's not working she enjoys spending time with her family and wondering what Steph is lighting on fire while she's not here to supervise.
Read all about the owner's personal dog crew and their accomplishments below! 
 We love being able to "put our money where our mouth is" so to speak, and we think our dogs are prime examples of our work. We strongly believe that all the knowledge and certificates in the world mean nothing if you can't effectively translate that knowledge into real world training. When looking for a dog trainer we always challenge a client to look at a trainer's personal dogs and see if they display the behaviours they would like in their own canine companion. We are always willing to "show off" our dogs to any potential customer with questions about our training, and repeatedly ensure our dogs are tested by a third party before making any claims about them.
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Daphne is a 8 year old mixed breed dog that Allan adopted as an 8 week old puppy and we believe she's some sort of a shepherd cross. Daphne has earned her Canine Good Neighbour title, and is a certified Therapy Dog with the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta. Daphne is a very balanced dog, runs our pack confidently, and provides a wonderful example for the other dogs we work with. Her likes include people, treats and very long naps. Her dislikes include any sort of physical activity, being told she's not a person, and putting up with Mac.

              Rest in Peace: 2010 - 2019      Always in our heart

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Jack is a 9 year old mixed breed dog that we adopted when he was around 1 year old. In typical husky cross fashion he loves running, learning new things, and enjoys any kind of game. Jack has earned his Canine Good Neighbour title, his Novice and Intermediate Trick Titles, and had earned two legs towards his Chase Ability title before he injured his knee while playing on our property. Jack has now worked through two knee surgeries and will be looking to try for his Rally Novice title this year, as well as becoming a certified Therapy Dog. Jack is a fantastic dog, a wonderful demo dog, and absolutely loves people.

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Mac is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois who loves to work. We bought him at 8 weeks old, and have been trying to tire him out ever since. Mac has earned his; 


-Scent Detection Championship (SDDA)

-Rally Novice title (Rally Obedience)

-Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert trick dog titles

-Chase Ability title 

-Novice Sprinter title 

-French Ring 1 (2019 Canadian Ring 1 Champion)



Mac is a focused, athletic example of his breed. Anyone that is considering adding a Malinois to their life is welcome to come discuss the breed and meet him.


Sasha is a 5 year old mixed breed that we rescued in October 2017 and we believe she's possible some sort of Malinois/Spitz mix. She's a lot of dog in a little package, and is very motivated and drivey. Sasha spent a long time working on her socialization skills, and has come a long way. She has started training in scent detection and rally obedience, and is excellent at trick work and tracking. Sasha has fantastic dog social skills and we're excited to see where this little girl can go.

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