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Private Training Sessions
Tailored to working on YOUR specific issues

We offer a variety of private dog training options to suit your needs and lifestyle. Private lessons are done in our facility.  If you require training in-home training or off site sessions, this would be done at the recommendation of your trainer and there may be an additional travel fee.


We have extensive experience with reactivity, fear and/or aggression, and are well known for our results working with these cases. We aim to provide effective solutions that prepare you and your dog for the real world. Private lessons for reactivity or aggression are dealt with in the "Work it Out" or "I Need Help" packages. Please take a look through our videos and testimonial page for references.

Please be aware we are booking 3-4 weeks out for private lesson programs, dependent on availability.


Puppy Package

This package is for puppies 6 months and younger with no behavioural issues. We get you started on the right foot with your new puppy and teach you the most important things you need to know, when you need to know it! Our proven system of puppy training will help you build confidence in your pup, start your impulse control work, and launch you towards having a happy, well trained canine companion.

Time commitment - Three 1 hour private sessions

Cost - $295

Just A Touch Up

This package is for dogs 6 months and older, and can help you learn the basics or solve smaller issues. Typical training requests involve basic manners and obedience, life skills, impulse control issues, leash walking issues, or recall problems. Barking, jumping, or leash pulling without reactivity issues are also common issues we can deal with here. 

Time commitment - 3x 1 hour private sessions

Cost - $400+gst

Private Dog Training Edmonton

Work it Out

This package is for dogs that have more significant issues, higher level training goals, or homes with multiple dogs with minor issues. Typical training requests involve mild reactivity, fear or confidence problems, anxiety issues, more serious leash walking concerns, or complex obedience requests. This package gives us enough time to determine what's happening and why, work through the issues, and get you back to being able to live your life with your dog by your side.

Time commitment - 5x 1 hour private sessions

Cost- $650+gst

I Need Help

You have a significant issue that requires help. You need someone to take you seriously and create a legitimate solution. Typical training requests involve unsafe levels of leash and dog reactivity, dog aggression, multi-dog households with infighting, human reactivity/aggression, significant resource guarding, and fear issues at a level that they interfere with daily life. We need to take apart old behaviours completely, create management structures, learn new skills, and test the solutions we create to ensure your problem is actually solved to your satisfaction and safety level.

Time commitment - 7x 1 hour private sessions

Cost - $900+gst


Private Training Video Gallery

Leash Reactivity - Handling Sensitivity

Wesley - Cane Corso


Wesley's mum is one of the most dedicated owners I've ever had. She knew she had bought a large, strong dog and had immediately enrolled her puppy in training. She'd attended two group classes before even contacting me! By 5.5 months though, Wesley was over 90 lbs and had significant leash reactivity to both people and dogs. His mum had been walking him early in the morning to try and avoid triggers, but with the ice and snow on the sidewalks she had recently stopped being able to do that as well. Between December and March, she put in the WORK, and Wesley was ready to start pack walk by April. By the time June hit, he was a pro!

TV Reactivity

Reggie - Sharpei X

Reggie had some pretty significant reactions to animals on TV, his owner had avoided watching anything with animals in it for years. With some engagement and impulse control skills, plus some added structure and boundaries, worrying about expensive property damage and noise complaints is no longer a daily struggle.

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