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We accept 1-2 apprentices every year, typically starting in the summer. Apprentices should be interested in general dog training, puppy development, reactivity work and behaviour modification. This is not a paid position but apprentices that show potential and are a good fit for the company, have been offered jobs in the past. Apprentices do not require experience although we also welcome anyone looking to expand their existing knowledge base.

We are growing significantly. However, we have made the choice to only hire when appropriate, skilled candidates are interested and available. We hire in two main roles; as a trainer, or as a kennel worker. If you are an appropriate candidate for either and are interested in joining our team, please send us an email at Minimum age requirement is 18. Please note that if we ask to meet you, you will be required to bring your dog/s (if you have them) to the interview.

We strongly value those who have titled their dogs.

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