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8 Frozen Kong Recipes, each grosser than the next!

With summer almost here, it’s finally time to let your dog enjoy the grossest frozen delicacies they can imagine.

It’s best to feed these during the summer months where you can proceed to hose down your dog if they make a mess that creates a tree sap-esque situation. Keep in mind, freezing these recipes in a Kong is just one way to go about it. There are lots of other stuffable toys, old marrow bones can be reused and stuffed, as can hooves or horns if your dogs are into that.

“Enjoy” making these, and as a bonus, keeping multiples frozen in the freezer next to the daiquiri mix is an excellent conversation starter at your next summer BBQ - “Sure Susan, just grab the bottle from above the shelf with the stuff that smells like dead fish and looks like someone packed cat food slurry into a cow hoof.” At the very least it’ll keep guests from digging through your freezer looking for the good rum.

In order of descending icky-ness:

(side note: I personally water down all my bases with water or chicken stock, which turns everything into a soup/gruel looking delicacy, but feel free to do your own thing.)

1. Peanut butter and green beans – a simple, easy to throw together, completely appetizing recipe

2. Yogurt and blueberries – also simple, human edible, and not gross. Only reason it’s not the least gross is cause it’s more difficult to spoon yogurt into a kong than spread peanut butter

3. Canned Pumpkin and carrots – well, it’s not particularly appetizing to the human palate, but it could almost be considered Thanksgiving inspired, so that’s fun

4. Mashed sweet potato and peas – Looking a bit more like baby poop after a bad night, but at least it’s easy to pack? Unless you watered it down, then it’s a bit more fun.

5. Wet food and kibble – starting to look like Russian prison soup. Make sure you mix cold water in, hot water creates an aroma you may not fall in love with. Keep the scentsy handy.

6. Baby food and cheerios – well at least this one doesn’t smell gross. Most of the time. Pick your baby food wisely.

7. Dehydrated raw food – depending on the brand you choose, this could be super easy, or really really gross.

8. Banana and sardines – yeah… looks like banana, smells like dead fish. For an extra ick factor, blend them together. Mmmmm…

stuffed kong, kong recipes
Kong toy

A bonus enrichment game? Take a frozen treat and put it in a water bucket/bowl. Fill the water bucket with water, add a couple tablespoons of chicken stock, and freeze the whole thing. Dump on the lawn for a good old fashioned “figure your food out” party. Enjoy!

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These are awesome! After I got over my disgust at the bananas/sardines idea, i realized my dog might love the taste and that sardines probably have lots of Omega3's in them which will help keep my dogs inflammation down.

Me gusta
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