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Private Dog Park 

We have several acre and multi-acre runs, and understand the desire to avoid dog parks (and the troubles that come with them) completely. As such, to clients in specific programs, we would like to offer the ability to rent one of our fenced yards as a private dog park. Rental times are limited and are available to book through the below link. Parking is in the front lot by the yard entrance gate. The lot entrance is marked with large pylons. During your rental time if you need to purchase anything from the retail area in the main training building, you are welcome to walk up to the lobby and do so.

You are eligible to rent the park if you are in one or more of:

- Enrolment in our 360 programs

- completion of a board and train within the last 4 months

- current enrolment in Regular Day Train

Please note, yard rentals do not include instruction or lessons from a trainer. All equipment is used at your own risk. Please do not interrupt any trainers with dogs, people working on the facility, or allow your dog to interact with any dogs/humans that may be training, walking or playing. You must have verbal control of your dog at all times. If you wish to share your time with another day train dog that your dog is friends with, we have no issue with that but please limit groups to 4 dogs or less. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog, poop and scoop is mandatory.


**Anyone found using any area outside of the rental yard, will be banned from the facility for 60 days without refund, including any day train they may have purchased, and will receive a lecture from Steph.**

30 min rental - $20 

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