Board and Train Programs

*Our Board and Train program is now full for 2021*

Board and Trains can be an effective tool to stop difficult behavioural problems by removing the familiar rules and environment that have sometimes reinforced problem behaviours. While it would be wonderful if everyone had the time and ability to train their dog themselves we understand that serious behaviour issues, reactivity, and random life events do happen that can make this impossible, making a board and train a far more beneficial solution to both you and your dog. Those with serious behavioural issues do take precedence over anyone requesting a board and train for generic behaviour and obedience. We frequently take out of town clients into our board and train program, and have no issues creating a remote follow up program for your dog no matter where you live and what services you have access to. 

Board and Trains are not miracle solutions to all life's problems. There is an expectation of continued work required from the owner upon completion of a board and train, and disregarding or failing to follow recommendations set out, training protocols, or lifestyle changes will remove you from any further board and train options.

Board n' Train Edmonton
Dog Training Program Edmonton

Each program is tailored to your dog and their specific issues, and programs are typically 2-5 weeks in length. Depending on the dog, the owner, and the training problem, most board and trains include one or more re-introduction sessions with you and your dog to teach you both how to implement the new training. All programs are intensive, and while some dogs walk out with complete solutions, many times board and trains are just the beginning of the work that needs to be implemented.

Programs are individually tailored in length and price for each dog and the issues involved. Due to the success rate of this program, please be aware we typically book our board and train program 2-3 months in advance.

Many of our fostered and board and train dogs have been featured on our Youtube and Instagram accounts, click the links at the bottom of this page to take a look.

What is Board and Train?

Your dog will live here for 2-5 weeks for an intensive training experience. The length of time gives us the ability to take apart dangerous behaviours, create new behaviours, and build the new behaviours into habits. This is best suited for anyone dealing with serious issues involving significant dog or leash reactivity, dog or human aggression, significant bite history, resource guarding, or any other significant issue that is affecting the quality of either your dog or your family's life. This is also our best option for out of town clients. All programs are individually priced depending on the dog and behaviours involved. This program does not include any follow up months in Day Train.

Investment starts at $3500+gst

All board and train programs include:

- a minimum of one go-home session to teach you what your dog knows

- a writeup on your dog and written training materials for the future

- training tools, if we feel they are beneficial (eg. collar, clicker, long line, etc)

- access to our pack walk program for life

- access to our private FB training page 

- 10% discount off group classes, and seminars for 1 year

Apply for a board and train below. We will ask you to fill out a self assessment and will conduct a phone interview to determine the issues at hand, and if we are a good fit for each other.

Board and Train Video Gallery

Jumping - Over excitement - General Obedience - Recall

Severe Resource Guarding  - Nail trimming


3 year old Bull Terrier mix

Sometimes exciting things come in small packages! Oliver had issues with impulse control and jumping, to the point he almost knocked someone's tooth out. He had problems with general obedience and recall and had been previously kicked out of puppy class due to his extreme excitability. Oliver was turned down by several other trainers due to an incident where he aggressively redirected on the older dog in the home while over threshold. Oliver stayed for a 3 week board and train, during which we discovered he was partially hearing impaired. Oliver did a ton of foundational work, basic obedience, and impulse control, and was ecollar trained due to his hearing impairment. 


4 year old Bully Breed

Malfoy was a life long resource guarder who had attacked both of his owners multiple times while guarding. The incident leading to the owners seeking a board and train involved a severe attack, resulting in 10 punctures to his female owner. Malfoy had also attempted biting his owners over nail trimming, grooming and general handling. Malfoy completed a 5 week board and train, two weeks of which was done with his younger St. Bernard brother. Malfoy was fully muzzle trained as well as ecollar trained. He did several reintroduction training sessions with his owners to build their confidence in his new behaviours. Malfoy now attends pack walk regularly and displays excellent listening skills while being handled by the owner he used to bully regularly. While he does not have to be muzzled to be handled, he practices muzzle wearing while training to keep his owners confidence high.

Fearful behaviour - Dog Reactivity


7 year old mixed breed

Paula had some significant fear based dog reactivity, especially when on leash. It made walking stressful, and she didn't interact with any dog outside her sister. We built her confidence by helping her work through small fears like going in the crate, or walking on different surfaces, and leveraged that confidence in small moments to help her build confidence in more stressful situations. Paula can now attend pack walk, regularly attends our day train program, and remains neutral to dogs when on leash, behind a fence, or on her bed. In the coming months, Paula will be working towards controlled socialization with carefully selected, appropriate dogs.