Dog Boarding

At the moment we only offer boarding to members of our day train program, board and train graduates or atypical boarding for dogs requiring more detailed management. Availability is extremely limited. Please check your dates with us as early as possible. During holidays, peak times, and long term stays (over 21 nights) a 50% non-refundable deposit will be requested to hold your spot. All pick ups and drop offs will be scheduled between 10:00 and 20:00.

We accept intact dogs, raw fed dogs, trained dogs requiring more detailed management,

and dogs with minor behavioural issues at no extra cost. 

Take a look through the slideshow to see past clients, and how they've spent their boarding days!
























General Boarding


A general boarding spot in our facility. Dogs are crated or penned overnight, and rotated through a variety of activities during the day. While dogs get a significant amount of time loose everyday, dogs are not allowed to wander our home or training room unsupervised, and are kennelled safely in between activities. We do not allow free play with other dogs as a guarantee. This is done exclusively at our discretion, exclusively on our time table. We feed kibble-fed dogs through slow feeders or food toys when possible, and have no problem accommodating raw feeders. Dogs are walked on our property through our forested nature trails, or run loose if they are off leash trained. In the summer, we have a dugout we use for occasional swim sessions.

Fee - $55/Night/Dog

If your dog is dog/human aggressive, we charge an additional $10/night. 

If your dog is a female in heat, we charge an additional $10/night.

If your dog is a problem barker, we charge an additional $10/night.


After hours: $15/timing         Schedule a pick up or drop off at anytime outside our normal hours that works for you. 

Training sessions: $25/session/dog      Approx. 20-30 min daily training session.


Best dog boarding Edmonton

We will be possibly be offering general boarding services in the future. Our facility is currently under construction, pleas check back for updates.

We are situated just north of Gibbons on 12 acres of forest trails, with a football field sized fenced play yard, a dugout, and two indoor training rooms.

We are familiar with human and dog reactivity, and are able to care for dogs with these issues. In addition, we have out door runs with dug in chainlink for diggers or escape artists. If you have a dog where containment is a concern or priority, feel free to contact us to discuss our boarding options.