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Welcome to Beta Dog Training

Here at Beta Dog Training we believe that your dog should be able to integrate into as much of your life as possible! We believe both a dog and owner's life is enriched when you can challenge life with your dog by your side. Give us a call and book an assessment today, so you can both get on with life tomorrow!

German Shepherd
Adopted Dog
Puppy Learning

The photos on this website are not stock photos, and most of the dogs are not owned by us. They are dogs we have worked, fostered, boarded, board and trained or client dogs we have trained. They are real life examples of our training and we're proud of each of them. The dogs we own personally are featured below. While we try not to overuse them and prefer to use client examples, sometimes they're so damn cute we can't help it.

rescue dog in edmonton
Therapy dog in edmonton
Malinois Edmonton
reactive dog in alberta
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