Puppy Programs
Puppy Programs are for puppies 6 mths or younger. 

Puppy Private Lesson Package

This package is for puppies 6 months and younger with no behavioural issues. We get you started on the right foot with your new puppy and teach you the most important things you need to know, when you need to know it! Our proven system of puppy training will help you build confidence in your pup, start your impulse control work, and launch you towards having a happy, well trained canine companion.

Time commitment - Three 1 hour private sessions

Cost - $295

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Puppy Foundation Day Train Programs

What puppy wouldn't benefit from an extensive foundational puppy program giving them the skills and confidence to handle anything life can throw at it?! Give your puppy a solid set of core skills that will allow it to flourish for further dog training, teaching you to work together and communicate well from a young age. Let them learn to be balanced respectful dogs and enjoy 12 acres of outdoor adventures, all while learning basic obedience and life skills. Even better, this can all be done at the age your puppy will benefit from it the most, and happen while you work!

Skills covered in our Puppy Foundation program include:

- engagement skills (the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL) 

- impulse control 

- leash walking and crate training

-building blocks of recall

- basic obedience movements: sit, down, stand, look, stay, on, off

- extensive environmental and socialization work

- building enjoyment in working and training

- deconditioning grooming, bathing, nail trimming, and blow dryers

- age-appropriate play and respectful interaction with other dogs

- various tricks, tips and fun extras you can build on in the future

Basic Puppy Foundation Program

This program covers all the basics and more, creating a training foundation that aims to solve issues before they ever start. The program includes:

- One week of PupScouts (4 training days and 3 boarding nights)

-3 weeks of regular day train (1 training day per week for 3 weeks)

- Pick ups and drop offs (zoned transportation fee applies)

- A four week group class

-Puppy training info notes, clicker, treat sample and more!

Puppy Foundation Day Train Program now has a rolling admission, new program beginning every month!

Investment - $775+gst

November 2021 Program is currently - *FULL*

January 2022 Program is currently - *OPEN*

February 2022 Program is currently - *OPEN*

Belgian Malinois


**Puppy360 is available to those who have attended the Basic Foundation program. Due to the length and commitment required on our behalf as well as the owners, Puppy360 is only available to those we feel would be a good fit for the program.**

This year long program will give you a jumpstart on your puppy's future and allow you to build the dog you want to live your life with. We thought we had made the best puppy program around, and then we made an even better one. This program covers 12 months of your puppies life, taking you through most of their major growth stages (including the teenager months!) and allowing us to reinforce and expand their training foundation throughout their adolescence. This program aims to create well rounded dogs with impressive training skills and extensive socialization, as well as knowledgeable, confident owners that are highly educated on training, socialization, and husbandry. We have partnered with a number of local companies in order to make this the most well rounded and complete puppy program we have ever seen. The program includes:

- 6 training months, your puppy will attend PupScouts + day train every 2nd month for a year.

- subscription to a local high end treat company (6 pkgs total)

- a nutrition consult for your dog to keep them at a healthy weight

-ability to rent our private dog park, for the duration of the program

- 10% discount off boarding, group class, and seminars for 1 year 

- Training package including; notes, clickers, treat pouch, long line

Investment - $3750+gst

(minus the cost of Basic Puppy Foundations)

Traditionally there are no guarantees in dog training, however we are not a traditional company. We will not make guarantees on anything related to temperament, but we stand by our training and what we can offer you. With that in mind, we GUARANTEE that your puppy will have the following life skills upon completion of the Puppy360 program:

- Basic Obedience including; sit, down, stay, eye contact, leave it, crate, go to bed, long line recall

- Basic handling skills including; the ability to bath, brush, check eyes/ears/mouth/paws/tail, or nail trim your dog without assistance

- Your dog will be crate trained

- Your dog will be muzzle trained

- Your dog will be treadmill trained

If you have a COVID puppy, this is the best program for you. We have a proven history of extensive socialization with our dogs. With this in mind, your dog will have seen or be familiar with:

- dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments

- will meet and work for multiple other people

- car rides in various vehicles

- multiple surfaces and sounds

- being away from home and boarding away from home

- cats and livestock

- various vehicles including; bikes, skateboards, tractors, atv's etc

- literally too many things to count

The dog featured in this video is my Belgian Malinois puppy Mac. This is the first six months of his life.