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Day Train Programs

Benefits of Day Training

- your dog is trained by skilled professional trainers on a consistent basis

- mentally and physically exhausting leading to a tired dog

- teaches respectful socialization in a structured environment

- alleviates boredom preventing frustration-based misbehaviour

- continual reinforcement of manners in distracting environments

- learn new skills, improve known skills, or remove bad habits

- builds confidence, independence, and social skills 

Day training is an excellent way to ensure your dog will come home happy and tired, both mentally and physically. Our day train program is geared towards those with dogs or puppies that would benefit from a more stimulating day or continuous learning. 

We are not a doggy daycare. While we do incorporate playtime into our day, hours and hours of wild playtime is not our focus. While a traditional doggy daycare can be tiring temporairily, we prefer creating a training centered environment that incorporates learning, boundaries, and impulse control with our socialization skills. The day training program can involve anything from regular training sessions, hiking, field trips into the town/store, or pack walks in town depending on the dogs involved.

Who can sign up for day training?

- young puppies looking to build an amazing foundation

- high energy dogs that need an outlet

- sport dogs looking to supplement their training days

- dogs that can not attend traditional daycare (anti-social, intact, etc)

- any dog that wants to learn more! 

husky training outdoors
Labrador puppy training
Rottweiler puppy

There are two different types of Day Train programs 

German Shepherd
Malinois puppy

PupScouts Program

PupScouts is a four day overnight program designed to evaluate dogs, maintain known behaviours, work on problem behaviours, or provide a substantial outlet for higher energy/drive dogs. For this program you will drop your dog off on Sunday evening, and they will spend the week training and boarding with our team before you pick them up Thursday evening. During their 4 days with us we provide a structured environment that incorporates blocks of time for training, walking, exploring, and learning new skills. This program runs weekly and is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to daycare. 


**If you are dealing with aggression/reactivity - A single PupScout week is NOT A FULL SOLUTION to long term, complex, or dangerous behaviours. In these cases, PupScouts is a program we would likely recommend in conjunction with a private lesson package. PupScouts is primarily an evaluation/maintenance program.**

This program does not include private instruction, however many clients choose to utilize this program during/after completing private lessons to build and solidify behaviour. 


Initial PupScouts week: $450+gst 

Returning PupScouts, Board and Train,

and Day Train program dogs: $400+gst

Program runs weekly.

*Please note this program is currently booking 2-3 weeks out.


Regular Day Trains

The Day Train program is one month of our day train program and is for dogs that have already attended a prior training program with us. The day train program can include anything from on or off leash walks, general obedience training, hiking, sport training, group field trips, or a specific focus in almost anything you'd like! The day train program is designed for dogs that require more enrichment or management to their experience than a typical doggy daycare environment would provide. The Day Train program is one month long including 4 day train days (one per week).

You must pick up/drop off your own dog - $300/mthly

To purchase a day train month where you provide your own transport, program spots will be released on our website in our shop on the 1st day of the month prior (Eg. October spots would be released Sept 1st.) If you are a client eligible for the Day Train program, spots can be purchased from our store.

We no longer provide transportation options.

Check out our FAQ's section for more information on our Day Train Programs!

Check out our Gallery for more pictures and video of our Day Train Programs!

Day Train FAQ's

Day Train FAQ's

Q: My dog isn't dog social/I don't want them to interact with other dogs, can my dog still attend?

A: Absolutely! We appreciate that not all dogs are dog social and have no problem accommodating dogs with dog reactivity or that do not want to play with other dogs. Many dogs benefit from simply being in the presence of other dogs and learning to work around them, without directly interacting with them. Additionally, even dogs that are social are only allowed to socialize under strict supervision, with specifically chosen partners, during specific times.  

Q: What are the requirements for my dog to attend?

A: Dogs attending the PupScouts/Regular program that are over 6 months old must be up to date on vaccinations and be on a flea/tick/dewormer treatment from a veterinarian. For the Puppy Foundation program, your puppy must be a minimum of double vaccinated and under 6 months old. 

Q: My dog is a breed that has lots of superstitions about it, can my dog still attend?

A: Of course, we have no breed restrictions. We also accept intact dogs as long as the females are not in heat. 

Q: When does the program start?

A: Regular day train runs monthly, and PupScouts runs weekly. Due to the popularity of these programs, we do fill quickly. PupScouts is typically booked a couple weeks out, Regular Day Train typically books 1-2 months out. 

Q: Why do I have to sign up for a month at a time? Can I just pick 4 days in the same month? 

A: No. When you sign up, we select the class spot for your dog that we feel your dog will have the most success in. For example, if we had both a Tuesday and a Thursday class, all attendees would be separated into groups/classes of dogs that we felt complimented each other. Each day would do things appropriate to their group, that would specifically benefit the dogs in that group. That may mean the Tuesday group would do more walking skills, while the Thursday class would work more on group obedience. Each program is a month long to provide stability for the dogs. One of the biggest factors in successful dog training is consistency. Being able to have new behaviours consistently and correctly reinforced will make the odds of success far greater than if your dog were to attend sporadically. 

Q: What will my dog do during the day? 

A: The dogs attending our program have attended for a variety of reasons to work on any number of things. What your dog does largely depends on what you or your dog want to learn! We have had dogs attend to learn specific skills, drain high energy, learn different dog sports, or practice working around other dogs. Dogs can work on everything from treadmill training to crate training. We regularly show snippets of what the dogs do throughout the day on the Instagram stories feature and make regular posts involving them and their training! 

Q: Are there any behaviours you do not accept for the day train program?


A: Sometimes. We require an evaluation for: human aggression/reactivity, any dog with bite history on humans, crate breakers, any severe separation anxiety, and unusual medical requirements. We do absolutely take dogs with these issues, however in these cases we will evaluate your dog first to determine whether this program is right for you and your dog. 

Q: How many dogs are in your program?

A: We accept between 6-8 dogs per class depending on the program. This allows all the dogs enough time for individual instruction, heavy supervision, and multiple training/playtime rotations throughout the day.

Q: Some of the dogs in the pictures look dirty... Do you bathe my dog before drop off?

A: No. If they get outrageously muddy, of course we'll rinse them off, but they are attending a program that spends a significant amount of time outside.  We enjoy letting dogs be dogs in the great outdoors. Your dog may come home dirty. If your dog has a show coat that requires careful grooming, this may not be the program for you.

Q: Why is your program more expensive than doggy daycare?

A: Because we are not doggy daycare. Our day trains are specialized, highly structured programs based around creating or maintaining structure and boundaries while providing your dog with an environment that enables respectful socialization. We provide a full day service that can include pick ups, drop offs, walks, socialization, off leash exploration, group and individual training, as well as the occasional field trip. We take very few dogs at a time compared to traditional doggy daycares and provide a very low ratio of trainers to dogs (Typically 1:5 or less). Our focus is on enriching your dogs life through training, the outdoor environment, and socialization - in that order. The fewer dogs we take the more time we are able to spend working on each dog individually, however that does mean each spot is more expensive than traditional daycare.

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