Group Classes


Group Classes 
Group class registration is available to existing clients only.
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Advanced Puppy Skills

 Whether this is your first dog or not, whether you’re a one-dog household or integrating a new dog into your pack - this class will focus on continuing to expand your foundation for success throughout your dog’s life. Work basic obedience skills (leash walking, sit/down/stay, recall) around distraction, but also learn how to set the tone and build a great relationship, properly socialize a dog, and prevent common behavioural issues. This class is for dogs 12 months of age or younger that have completed some work with us already.

Pooches on Probation

This class is for dogs working through their reactivity issues. Those who are no longer terrorizing the neighbourhood, but aren't ready to be model citizens. If you have been working on your reactivity, but aren't quite ready to jump into pack walk or the drop in group class, this is the class for you. We'll be building confidence in your handling abilities, as well as introducing your dogs to a number of different scenarios that are typically associated with reactivity. You must have taken previous training with us to sign up for this class. 

Riot to Quiet

Have an energetic dog who’s struggling with the basics? Does your dog feel too excitable to train? This class will focus on basic obedience and foundations of good behaviour for the dog who has a hard time keeping it together! Improve basic obedience skills (leash walking, sit/down/stay, recall) while with distractions, and also how to set the tone and build a great relationship, prevent common behavioural issues. Create calm - inside the house and out. This class is for dogs six months of age or older. 

Next-Level Obedience

Looking to take your dog’s obedience to the next level? Or just want to have some fun and challenge your dog? This is the class for you. You’ll learn more advanced formal obedience skills, build foundations for off-leash obedience and recall, and learn how to get the best out of your dog in challenging environments. We’ll also introduce the basics of rally and competition obedience. This class is for dogs who already have basic obedience (reliable basic commands - sit/down/stay - and walk on leash).


E-Collar Seminar

Ever wondered about e-collar training? Electronic collars are fantastic tools for owners looking to expand into off leash work, but introducing the tool correctly and ensuring you know what you're doing is incredibly important. For those with solid foundational skills, this seminar is all about; how and why we use collars, what they are (and what they aren't), how to use the unit, and how to layer a collar into your training. This seminar is two days over 1-2 weeks. In the first day we go over theory, working the unit, and introducing the unit into training. We then give you a week or two to become familiar and fluid in your use, getting you ready for our second seminar day where we work outside and in a group.

Ecollar seminar (collar included) - $550+gst

Ecollar Seminar (you already own a suitable collar) - $300+gst

DIY "How To" Training Seminars

For those that would like to do most of their own training, are looking for a bit of extra knowledge, are budget conscious, or are just looking for that extra piece to put it all together, we are now offering a DIY "How to" Seminar Series. These seminars are held at our facility in small groups, without your dog, allowing you to focus on what is being taught and ACTUALLY LEARNING the information so you can use and apply these skills on your own. Explained in real language with relevant examples and demonstrations, we are inclusive, informative, and encouraging to all owners attending that are trying to better their dogs lives. Seminars are held Saturday mornings from 10AM-12PM, packing a ton of information into a one-shot timeframe. 

All DIY seminars - $50+gst

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How to... Pick The Right Dog

Looking to add to your family but wary of all the horror stories? Friends warn you not to support puppy mills, you've heard rescues are dangerous, and you're not even really sure what a purebred is... What questions should you ask? How can you tell a reputable rescue from an irreputable one? What's the difference between a responsible breeder and a backyard breeder? What types of dogs best fit your lifestyle and your needs? Choosing the correct dog for you and your family can help prevent problems before they ever start. Feel confident in learning how to ask the right questions, make the right decisions and start your life with your new dog off on the right foot.

Next Seminar - Nov 2021

How to... get your dog to wait for things

If your dog charges through life like a bull in a china shop, this is the seminar for you. Jumping, barking, running through door ways, and stealing food are all super common and super trainable problems. We teach you how to teach the concept of waiting and how to make it relevant and beneficial to your dog, from your dog's point of view.

Next Seminar - TBA

How to... create focus and attention

Engagement is the bedrock of all training. Have a dog that is distracted by every. little. thing? Can your dog focus on you outside your house or around other dogs? If you need these skills, this is the course for you. Engagement is the most important skill you and your dog can learn, and this seminar will cover what it is, why it's important, and how to build it with your dog. 

Next Seminar - Dec 2021

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How to... play tug with your dog (properly)

Does your dog like to play tug? Tug is one of the best relationship building games you can play with your dog. Unfortunately there are a lot of rumours out there about tug games and we're here to clear that up. Use tug games to teach behaviour, build relationships, and improve life skills with your dog. We can teach you the right ways to play, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Next Seminar - TBA

How to... get your dog to come back

The vast majority of dog owners are terrified to let their dog off leash somewhere because they don't know if they'll come back. Learn how to train your dog to come back,  how to work up to more difficult environments, and discuss common problems and pitfalls. Recall is one of the best behaviours a dog can have, and can greatly increase their quality of life.

Next Seminar - TBA