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Teenage Reboot

Creating a solid training foundation when your dog is young is one of the easiest ways to avoid issues with an adult dog. As dogs grow and develop, their behaviour can change and it is not uncommon for your dog to show difficult behaviours during their "teenage years" (7 mths - 18 mths). While there are a large number of "puppy behaviours" that dogs can grow out of, there are certain behaviours that only escalate with time. Dealing with these behaviours as early as possible is essential. Managing only one aspect of your dogs issues may create short term improvement, however we believe that complex multi-faceted problems require complete, practical, solutions. When dealing with a puppy/adolescent dog that is displaying any form of behavioural problem, early training is essential to long term success.


Obedience/puppy group classes are not a proper solution to behavioural issues. 



Teenage Reboot is an intensive program designed to get an adolescent dog back on a track in life. While poor behaviours can potentially be dealt with in a private lesson program if you jump on them early enough, when dealing with genetic or behavioural issues the best solution to create success will likely be Teenage Reboot. There is a large difference between a dog/puppy displaying poor behaviours, and an untrained dog displaying behavioural issues. 

But how do you tell which is which?

Poor Behaviours

- pulls ahead on leash, barks at things they want to see

- barks when they see something interesting

- jumps on or barks at guests excitedly

- doesn't listen to commands outside of your house

- chews household items if left unattended

- protests going in the crate, barks/whines a bit when left alone but then mostly goes to sleep

- doesn't come when called, plays "catch me if you can"

- mouths humans/animals without breaking skin, can be redirected with toys/chews when needed

Teenage Reboot

This program is a 3 month program that is designed to address the most common issues

faced by adolescent dogs showing behavioural issues, while providing consistency over several months to lock in new behaviours. The Reboot program includes:

Month one:
-12 day board and train
-2 private lessons

Month two:
-1 week of PupScouts
-2 private lessons

Month three:
-1 week of PupScouts
-1 group class (4 weeks)
-1 private lesson


Investment - $2,950+gst

Behaviour Issues

- does not like people they don't know -  they hide, back away, or cower. Not interested in going anywhere near strangers.

- can not be contained. Barks/screams, pants, chews, breaks out, eliminates in the crate or when left alone.

- drags humans on leash, when there is something around they lunge/jump/bark/snarl at it until it is out of sight

- can not calm down when excited or scared. Is very overwhelmed by new people, animals, environments.

- chews walls, doors, solid furniture, decks or fences.

- bites humans or animals, breaking skin or puncturing

- shows obsessive behaviours - chasing tail, chewing paws, licking, barking, grabbing leash, destroying/ingesting things

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